HDPE Colored Laminated Roll
HDPE Colored Laminated Roll is moisture - proof as well as anti-corrosive packaging option widely used for joining FIBC bags, Jumbo bags, HDPE sacks, etc.

PE Tarpaulin

PE Tarpaulin we deal in is used in several ways to give high level of protection to the persons as well as things from wind, sunlight and rain. This is dustproof & waterproof and is used after disasters for giving protection to the damaged structures.

Laminated Tarpaulin
Laminated tarpaulin is being provided, which is used for the roofing solutions. The water damages are prohibited with this strong as well as durable quality product. 
HDPE Fabric
We also hold expertise in offering a vast range of HDPE Fabric. These fabric are widely used in packing and can also be customized according to the requirements of our valuable clients. Clients can avail these products from us at reasonable price.
HDPE Tarpaulin
Our HDPE Tarpaulin's adaptability is one of their main benefits. These coverings demonstrate incredible adaptability for whatever task at hand. They are perfect for various applications because of their easy installation and reinforced eyelets and strong tie-downs.

Biohazard Bags
To handle and dispose of hazardous biological waste safely and legally, biohazard bags are an essential tool. They are a dependable solution for ethical waste management methods due to their robust construction, simple identification, and eco-friendly options.

Fabric Bags
Fabric bags, particularly in white, are versatile shopping companions. Made from cloth, they offer durability and eco-friendliness. Their plain design suits various occasions. Cloth material ensures they're reusable, reducing plastic waste. They're lightweight, washable, and can carry groceries, clothes, or everyday essentials with ease, promoting sustainability.

Shade Net
To shelter people, animals, and plants from the unexpected elements of nature, Shade Nets provide a practical and ecologically friendly alternative. They are a necessary addition to both household and business settings because of their versatility and wealth of advantages.
Plastic Garbage Bag
A plastic garbage bag, typically black, is a common household essential made from plastic. Sized large at 25*30 inches, it can hold up to 20 kg of waste. Versatile in application, it's used in homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, and more, providing a convenient and hygienic solution for waste disposal.

"Only accepting orders above 2 Tons." 
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