Why Plastics

Being in this industry for more than 16 years has led us to deliver the finest grade of products to our clients and customers. Most of our products, including HDPE Laminated Fabric, Laminated Tarpaulin, Unlaminated HDPE Fabric are all formulated by using the high density plastic polymer as raw materials. If plastic has number of cons then it also has various pros. As it is a known fact that the light weight plastic materials work on the principle of ''Reduce'', ''Reuse'' and ''Recycle''.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

All grades of Plastic carry bags provided by us prepared by strong grade of raw materials which make them highly durable in nature and their durability enhance their reliability.

Plastics are very compact in size and light weight materials, which enable us to carry them easily. Plastic Carry Bags offered by ''Welpack Industries Limited'' can be reused for various purposes.

As per the survey which has been conducted by our team, it has been stated that more than 90% of our population reuses the plastic carry bags at least for once for following purposes;

1) For Garbage disposal

Everyday there are huge of amount of garbage which includes biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste materials are generated from a normal kitchen. Offered bags can be reused to collect all these wastes, such as tea leaves, vegetable peels, news paper, glasses, clothes and may more.

2) Household uses

These plastic carry bags can also be used for various household stuffs. As these can hold wet or oily rags in the garbage.

3) In the Kitchen

These carry bags are Used for storing vegetables in the crisper, or for an extra layer of wrap for frozen foods. They can even used as gloves when working with messy dough or other foods.

4) Travel

While traveling offered HDPE carry bags can be used to hold dirty laundry. One can also keep extra pairs of shoes in plastic bags to keep other packed clothes clean. Wet swimsuits or towel etc, can be also be put inside it when one is traveling to beaches, swimming pools or water parks.


Along with Reuse, recycling is also the main part of utilizing plastic carry bags. These usable bags can be taken back to the store. Most bags will last for several trips. If one has many plastic bags to reuse. Many stores also provide a recycling bin to collect old bags.

"Only accepting orders above 2 Tons." 

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